The Triarc
The Triarc, also known as the Godstone, is a timeless artifact that is said to have dominion over life and death. Though legend has it it can both give or take life its history is a bloody one, strewn with the stories of vicious men who have used its power to kill and destroy. The Triarc is said to be unlosable and invulnerable.

The Trimeric Bell
Like a bullet loaded into a gun the Triarc forms the centre of this potent symbol and tool that stands at the centre of the Tom Zombie Curse. As the clapper within the bell the ringing that emanates is what is rumored to awaken the dead and drive them to serve the Tom Zombie who wields it. The shell of the bell is inconsequential and has been replaced many times. It is the sound the Triarc creates through the bell`s frame that gives it its power.

Tom Zombie Incident
A Tom Zombie Incident is an occurrence where a Tom Zombie Host is born through a possession of the Trimeric Bell. A Tom Zombie will be born and attempt to grow an undead army great enough to `Vanquish the World`. Luckily to date each Tom Zombie incident has been stemmed before too much damage was done. 

Tom Zombie Host
Each Tom Zombie Incident has a different body at its fore, possessed by the curse and the power of the Trimeric Bell. The primary weakness of any Tom Zombie host is their susceptibility to time and rot. Though the bell can slow the decaying process usually it is time that prevents a full-fledged zombie outbreak from ravaging our world.

The M.O. of the Trimeric bell is to slowly possess its owner and drive them mad enough, and reckless, enough to get them killed. Once this occurs the curse takes hold and either the soul of Tom or Crow Flower will inhabit the host, depending on the host’s gender. There are cataloged differences in the behaviour of male and female Tom Zombies.

Tom Flower Curse
Before the Contract of Veils this was the name given to the Curse now called The Tom Zombie Curse or the Curse of Tom Zombie. The Tom Flower curse was started around 1805 by powers unknown for the Bell itself. The curse is meant to give the Triarc, the heart of the bell, a way of protecting itself from the machinations of men.

The Kismet Curse
The Kismet Curse is the little known and rarely believed second curse to have taken effect on the day the Tom Flower Curse was born. This curse affects only the descendants of David Ramsey, supposedly curing them from ever dying of natural causes. Hit by lightning, car crash, branch falling in the wind; never a heart attack, cancer, stroke, etc. 

Order of Ten
This is the real name of the Tom Zombie Historical Society. When the Contract of Veils was signed and put into effect it was decided that a different name should be created for the public persona of the organization. The order was founded by Benjamin Fish Austin and named after Toby Ten, the poet who preserved and documented the earliest stories involving the Tom Flower Curse.

Rain of Fire
This is a title for the events that transpired on July 15th, 1887 when a south bound passenger train collide with an eastbound freight train spilling fuel oil and igniting the centre of St. Thomas. The incident led to the culling of the majority of the Order of Ten as well as a near disastrous Tom Zombie Incident which occurred at the London Roundhouse later that year.

Oxford Ten
The Oxford Ten is the secretive order that has been tasked since medieval days with protecting mankind from the challenges of the Triarc. The Order is said to have been disgusted by the Society`s decision to control the curse through a festival and very little has been heard from them since.

The Othorder
The Othorder is a group of nondescript undead entities which have vied for control over the Triarc for time uncounted. Though at many points throughout ancient history they have managed to contain and control its power their control never lasts and always ends in disaster. The Triarc is neither good, nor evil and has no goals that can be easily understood. This is why it is believed the Othorder helped the Society draft the Contact of Veils and to contain the curse.