The Tom Zombie Historical Society (est. 2016)


Find out here what makes the Tom Zombie Historical Society so special and different from all other not-for-profit entities anywhere else in the world. 

Some people want to educate residents and visitors by showcasing local history or organizing events meant to protect and promote local heritage landmarks. Others have an interest in breathing new life into the local arts scene, inspiring creativity and nurturing cultural relevance providing work for actors, painters, writers and musicians. Some want to shine a light on the contributions of our local indigenous or black Canadian communities; showcasing their cultures in ways that are respectful, collaborative and enlightening. Still others want to figure out a way to bring new money, new energy and new people into our region; how can we get tourists to fill up our hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and retail outlets? How can we make our economy grow and thrive?  

The not-for-profit, Tom Zombie Historical Society is a proven answer. It can do all of these things, logically and effortlessly at once and do them in a way that generates income for itself, gets media attention locally and internationally and draws fans in from all over the world.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple:

  1. Protect our region from the deadly Tom Zombie Curse
  2. Stimulate economic activity in South Western Ontario.
  3. Educate about local history and support local heritage landmarks.
  4. Help community organizations and businesses participate.
  5. Enrich local arts and culture.
  6. Encourage and celebrate diversity.
  7. Celebrate the horror/fantasy genre in all its incarnations.

After two successful years, the St. Thomas Tom Zombie Festival (TZF) grew, brought over a million dollars into our region, hundreds of visitors, hosted celebrities, and got dozens of media stories written about it as far away as Toronto, all with very few resources but amazing grassroots interest and support.   


Now, reorganized as a registered not-for-profit, we are set to pick up where the TZF left off and do things bigger and better than ever. We will be tapping into the huge and growing, multi-billion dollar horror/fantasy fan genre while supporting all the things we care about in our communities. As we create jobs we will be protecting our heritage. As we add tax dollars to our region's municipalities we will be inspiring new artists and performers. As we draw in people and attention from the US and beyond we will be bridging gaps and celebrating our diversity.

This is a cause that you can trust. It is transparent and designed to make sure the rising tide raises all boats. Its results will only be limited by our imaginations and our budgets. 

That’s why we’re looking for contributors. Whether a business or an individual you can help make this organization a local power house for fun, learning and economic growth.