The Tom Zombie Festival

To Protect our region from the curse!

For the Contract of Veils to survive, the curse must be given proper recognition. So we, the people of this great land beseech you: come out and help us protect our homes. For if we fall; you will most certainly be next…  

The St. Thomas Tom Zombie Festival is a mechanism negotiated between the Othorder and the Tom Zombie Historical Society to control the ancient and seemingly limitless power of the Triarc, otherwise known as the Godstone.

The Triarc & The Trimeric Bell

Throughout the ages, the Triarc (or Godstone) has been at the root of hundreds of horrific incidents of consequence. Though many have tried to destroy or discard it, the item, existing outside the normal confines of reality, has always returned. It has been thrown into oceans and volcanoes, hidden in vaults and labyrinths but always it emerges somewhere else and always, through the machinations of men, it sews destruction.

The Triarc is believed to possess a type of intelligence that wills itself to be independent from men`s designs. Though many have used it to further their own ends their machinations have, with very few exceptions, led to staggering disaster. Some have used it to extend their lives or raise an undead army to vanquish their enemies; never have such designs turned out the way the designers intended.

It is believed that the Tom Flower Curse is a mechanism, within the shell of the Trimeric Bell, created at the conception of the curse. The Triarc created for itself a protector; an entity that uses its power over life and death to prevent manipulation by mystics. But, like all such arrangements involving the complexities of souls and human emotion it became a trade-off. The Triarc creates for itself a protector in Tom Zombie but it also hems itself into a set of rules, like gears in a clock, every piece working properly for the whole to keep proper time.

The tenants of the curse therefore require:

  • That the two souls at the root of the curse, Tom and Crow Flower, are avenged for the brutality of their deaths and their love remains unrequited, their passion the fuel for their bondage, for all eternity.
  • That based on the, as yet to be fully understood rivalry between David Ramsey and Thomas Talbot, all the lands developed under Thomas Talbot be subjected to the curse.
  • That the Triarc to be recognized. Whether energized through the fear caused by an undead horde or the enjoyment caused by a festival, the ancient artifact is an object that exists, but only manifests within the minds of humanity. Without human attention it would slip away into oblivion, something it will never allow.

Thus it was that the idea for the Contract of Veils was conceived. What could control the Triarc indefinitely by being forever vigilant? What could allow the tormented and enraged souls of Tom and Crow Flower to persist and be satisfied? And what could provide the Triarc with the recognition it requires and demands.

The answer is a festival; an event that can draw the masses year after year and find a host to carry the curse. We call it the Tom Zombie Festival.


The fires fed,
the liars fled,
in Tom`s darkening eyes.
The flowers crossed,
the lovers tossed,
forever doomed in cries.
Their time was lost,
the bell had crossed,
only madness can survive.
The dirt they piled,
upon souls they riled,
cursed flesh and horror revive.

(This is a poem written by Toby Ten, a banned African American poet who died in 1848.)